Our Background

The Heart Run was started in 2004. It’s aim is to assist children from families who cannot afford the cost of cardiac surgery.

In 2007 The Mater Hospital took up the initiative and renamed the run “The Mater Heart Run” and continues to sponsor the run to date. This is an annual event that has caught the imagination of many Kenyans.

Since it started, over 2,500 children have had cardiac procedures performed and over 50,000 others have been screened for heart ailments.


The Mater Hospital has joined hands with various local and international organizations to raise funds for children in need of cardiac surgeries and who are 18 years and below.  Local  fund raising is done through the annual Mater Heart Run and other events, together with donations from private individuals and corporate organizations. These funds go towards subsidizing the cost of cardiac interventions such as surgeries and catheterizations, as well as funding cardiac screening camps across the country.

Open heart surgery is costly due to the high volume and cost of imported consumables used, as well as the need for post operative intensive care. Where children are concerned, families are requested to contribute whatever they can. The Mater Heart Run assists families who cannot afford the cost of cardiac surgery.