Cardiac Programme

The Cardiac Programme was initiated in 2006. It is the largest cardiac programme in East and Central Africa and also does the most complex surgeries. It has five main arms:

1. Screening Camps in which hospital camps go into rural and remote areas of Kenya to screen children for heart ailments. To date, more than 80,000 children have been screened.  In 2015, we screened more than 16,000 children. In 2016, we have conducted a camp at Tala where a total of 3,170 children have been screened.

Rheumatic Heart Disease prevention camps carried out 2008 – 2015

Year No. of Camps No. screened
2009 7 6,431
2010 8 8235
2011 7 9025
2012 8 10397
2013 9 17526
2014 10 17476
2015 7 18439


Distribution of the Rheumatic Heart Disease screening camps 2008-2015

Figure 1 shows the distribution of all the cardiac programme rheumatic heart disease screening camps to date. Each red dot indicates the location of a screening camp.

2. Open Heart Surgeries and Interventional Catheterization.

These are corrective measures undertaken to provide remedies for children with both congenital and acquired (mostly rheumatic) heart diseases. To date, we have operated on 3090 children (both in theatre and Cath-lab). 2015, we had 109 theatre surgeries and 98 Cath-lab interventions.

3. Diagnostic Catheterization.

This is undertaken in the Cath-lab to better define the nature of the cardiac illness. Currently, we take most of our children scheduled for corrective operations through diagnostic cardiac catheterization prior to surgery.

4. Cardiac Missions

These are partnerships we have developed with medical teams, institutions and governments from some of the world’s best centres in which their teams come to our hospital to operate on children under our programme. We have had missions from India, the UK and the Czech/Slovak joint team so far this year. 2015 Cardiac mission, India Dr. Sivakumar who is an expert in interventional procedures

Dr. Patel and Dr. Sunil, from UK, Cardiac surgeons with great interest in Rheumatic heart disease surgeries.

Dr. Roman and team from Czech Republic, expert in complex Congenital heart surgeries

 5. The Cardiac Clinic.

This is where the initial evaluation and follow-up of cardiac cases are undertaken. This is done in partnership with the pediatric cardiologists.

Funding for the programme is majorly through the heart run but also through partners. The interest from the endowment funds set up in 2006 is used to run the cardiac screening and awareness camps.