School Sponsor

The Mater Heart Run is graced by tens of thousands of school children. We believe in nurturing a society where we care for one another. This is why we go out to schools seeking their help in fundraising for the Heart Run. We coordinate with schools in ensuring accountability of funds collected. Any amount fundraised is much appreciated. We have the following categories for amounts fundraised by students:

  • Top 20 students get recognition in the media (see appreciation) and a special award certificate.
  • Top 20 Schools in each region of participation gets recognition in the media and a special award certificate.
  • If a student raises more than KES 2,500 you get a full kit which has a short, a t-shirt, a cap and a wristband.
  • If you raise more than 1,500 you get a short and a t-shirt.
  • If you raise more than 1,000 you get the choice of a short or t-shirt or cap.
  • If you raise more than 500 you get a wristband. Thank you for your support.

For more information on how to become our corporate sponsor, contact us as below:

Name: Dorothy Kirori,


Telephone Numbers: 020 630 3369, 0732163369, and 0719073369